A YCLIENTS és az DZINGA integrációjának konfigurálása

Set up Dzinga account.

To set up Dzinga account follow steps described below, you can always contact our friendly support in a case of any questions please visit: https://pp.dzinga.com/

  1. Registration

    To get started with Dzinga, you need to select tariff plan and register.
  2. Phone number

    When you have registered an account, you need to choose a phone number. Go to “Numbers”- “Buy number” and pick up the one you like.


You are all set! Dzinga is working!

Set up the integration

  1. Get token

    Go to Your Y clients account, select the network environment, which you want to integrate with Dzinga. Select telephony in the sidebar menu and copy “Your token”


2. Save token in Dzinga

Go back to your Dzinga account to Apps & integrations, select Y clients, in the right side bar, enter your token and click Connect button. 


The integration application is configured. Now configure YCLIENTS.


YCLIENTS configuration.

1.     Route Setup

In your YCLIENTS account, go to the Telephony - Routes section.  Routes determine which of the users and in which branches to display information about incoming customer calls. Routes are used in routing rules and are triggered if the call meets the criteria of the rule.

Click the Add Route button and configure:

  • Indicate the name of the route.
  • Click the Add button and select User and Store.
  • Indicate where to save the call history for this route.
  • Save settings.


2.     Routing setup

Go to the Telephony - Routing section. Routing determines which route should work with an incoming call to an employee number.

YCLIENTS together with Dzinga supports the ability to distribute calls according to the two most convenient schemes:

Scheme 1- each branch in the network has its own separate phone number

  • Click the Add Rule button and configure.
  • Type - select the value- Phone.
  • Identifier - phone numbers in the format 4XXXXXXXXXXX without the + signs, spaces or other characters.
  • Route - select one of the previously created routes.
  • Click the Save button.



Scheme 2- the entire network has one common number, and the client selects the branch he needs in the voice menu using extension numbers

Click the Add Rule button and configure.

  • Type - Select a SIP value.
  • Identifier - specify the internal number of the employee from the settings of the Virtual PBX.
  • Route - select one of the previously created routes.
  • Click the Save button.


You are all set! Enjoy!

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