Integration with Fromni

Fromni is a сustomer communication platform with automated notifications and bots.

We help Businesses create a better customer experience with SMS & Chat apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Telegram.

The Fromni platform is used by more than 1500 YCLIENS customers who trust it for processing their notifications worldwide. From the very beginning of the cooperation with YCLIENTS that started in 2018, Fromni is focused on a high level of customer support.

Within the preparation process, Fromni will register an alphanumeric Sender ID for your business so everybody could see your Brand when opening the SMSs. That gives higher open rates for your messages.

Setting up the Fromni account

  1. Go to the YCLIENTS & Fromni web-page
  2. Click the Start trial button or just use this direct link 
  3. We will verify your email address and phone number and set-up a personal account for you
  4. When the account is ready, just log in and create your Secret Key that will work with YCLIENTS




  1. Copy your Secret Key


  1. Paste your Secret Key to your YCLIENTS account.

Go to Settings - Notifications - SMS notifications - SMS-aggregator - Notifications by Fromni






Registering a Sender ID (SMS Sender’s name) for your business.

Fromni uses the branded Sender ID to deliver messages to your customers. They can make that for your business as well.

  1. Log in your Fromni account
  2. Go to Profile - Senders and click on Add button.


  1. Enter the name (or SenderID) that should be displayed when subscriber gets your message and click on Next button.


  1. If you are not registered yet, the system will ask you to give your company details as it is needed for registering your SenderID in Cellular networks. Please enter the VAT number and choose the country of registration. Click the Next button.


  1. Add some details about your company like Company Name, Invoicing address etc.
  2. You will be notified by email when the Sender name is registered.

Filling-in your Fromni account.

Log in to your Fromni account.

  1. Make sure that your Payments account and your Legal entity is verified. If not please add your company details first.


  1. Click on the Make a payment button in the top right corner.


  1. Choose Credit card


  1. Enter the amount in EUR and click on the Checkout button


  1. After entering the amount and choosing your company details, you will be redirected to the payment page hosted by the Fromni Payment solution provider.
  2. When your payment is processed successfully, funds will be added to your Fromni balance.

How to get access to new countries for your messages delivered by Fromni.

Not all of the countries are opened for your account straight away. Fromni must follow local policies and rules, so in some cases they need time to register you as our direct Customer in certain Cellular networks. This way Fromni guarantees high level delivery rates for your messages.

To open a new country for your account:

  1. Write us an email to
  2. Give us your login information and a list of countries that you want activated.
  3. Fromni's Customer care representatives will process your message and will keep you updated and let you know if any additional information is needed.
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