Automatic deduction from subscription

What it is

Rule for cancellation of appointments beforehand is used in many business spheres. If the client didn’t cancel their appointment beforehand then a session will be deducted from their membership. This new option allows you to implement the same principle in YCLIENTS.

How it works

In the service settings in the Settings > Main settings > Services section an option to automatically deduct visits from subscription was added. If this setting is switched on, then the logic described below will apply. It also applies both to group events and individual appointments.

In this setting you can indicate the time period before which appointments can be canceled without the fine.



Appointments paid for automatically will be marked in the Appointment calendar separately both in individual appointments and group events:

Statuses in the Appointment calendar:

  • Visits and appointments with automatic deduction turned on will be marked with a separate Automatic deduction status - mceclip2.png
  • If automatic deduction was successful then the status will change to Deducted - mceclip0.png
  • If automatic deduction wasn’t successful then the Not deducted status will appear - mceclip1.png

Statuses in the group event:

  • Deducted - Screenshot_30.png
  • Not deducted - Screenshot_31.png
  • Automatic deduction - Screenshot_32.png


  • A visit will be deducted from the membership when the visit begins, not when the Automatic deduction status is set.
  • If there’s more than one membership then the deduction will be performed from the membership with a lesser expiration date.
  • Payment with automatic deduction doesn’t change the status of the visit. If earlier payment could be performed only in Client Onsite and Confirmed statuses then now it can be performed in Expecting and No Show statuses.
  • Automatic payment setting will remain active if the administrator is changing the status of the visit manually, i.e. when changing Expecting to Client Onsite status the automatic payment will not be canceled.
  • If in the group event a client is booking more than one spot then visits for each spot will be deducted consecutively.

Example: if there are 2 memberships with 1 visit each then 1 visit will be deducted from each membership. If there weren’t enough visits in the membership then the Not deducted status will appear and the information about how much needs to be paid will be shown.

  • If an individual appointment contains more than one service and automatic deduction is switched on for just one of the services then the visit will be deducted from membership for that service only. The visit will be marked with Paid Partially status and you’ll see how much the client needs to pay.
  • If an individual appointment/event was paid for using automatic deduction then you will be able to cancel it in the Checkout tab.
  • When merging services through a chain interface the automatic deduction setting will not be switched off. New merged service will have this setting on.
  • If for the first visit in the unified visit the automatic deduction is switched on then after the automatic payment for the first visit a manually set status of Paid Partially will appear instead of Not deducted.
  • If in the How many hours before the visit the client can cancel field you put 0 clients will be able to cancel their appointments 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the appointment. Meaning that automatic cancellation will still work even if there’s 0 hours.
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