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What is it and what is it for? is an easy way to get Instagram feeds. One link - many bookings! 

The service allows you to create a unique website-landing in just a few minutes. Ylink allows the client to choose a convenient way to contact you or make an appointment for the service right away through the online booking widget.

Create a business card

You can create a company’s business card right from the YCLIENTS branch.

1. Go to the Online booking - Business card section.

2. Fill in the information about your company (name and e-mail).

3. Click the Create business card button.

Service features

The site is created like a constructor: the user selects the functional blocks - widgets, and arranges them in the right order.

The interface was developed with a focus on mobile devices, which allows not only to create your own mobile site, but also to design it directly on your phone or tablet, in a convenient form, without using a laptop. 

1. Widgets

Each widget is designed to show the visitor certain structured information: from the display of texts and buttons, to the video and feedback form. 

Service clients can change the location of widgets, add new ones, combine widgets into one solid block, and also change the style of widget elements - all this is available in ylink.

Widgets types:

  • Profile. A basic widget available from the first versions of ylink that allows you to display basic information about you or your business, including a photo (logo), name (company name), description of the activity, and a button with an active link.
  • Contacts. Convenient buttons for contacting you in instant messengers and social networks. When you click on the messenger icon, the user (your client) opens an active correspondence in the selected messenger and already entered text that you define in advance (for example, How much are your services?). This increases the conversion to circulation, and you just have to process these requests.
  • Buttons. An additional set of buttons for external links to sites, for example, to social networks, a blog, or an online booking widget. 
  • Text item. The new widget allows you to write any text that you need to promote your services. A visual text editor will help you make up the text you need for a beautiful display on your page.
  • Video. A quick and easy way to embed videos on your mobile landing page. The user only needs to insert a link to the video, which is located on one of the most popular video hosting sites (Youtube, Vimeo, Rutube). 

2. Custom design for your brand

Your personal site will have a unique style, thanks to a wide options of settings that allow you to change the design of all elements of a mobile landing:

  • Landing background. Personalize your page by loading a personal branded background or use a beautiful predefined set of background photos. For brevity, there is always the opportunity to choose the option to fill the background with a solid color.
  • The style of blocks and buttons. Users have the opportunity to customize the style, as well as select the color of blocks and buttons. The user will be able to customize almost any detail of his landing page.
  • Style and layout of widgets. Change the location of widgets by drag and drop, add new ones, combine widgets into one solid block, adjust the display and style of widgets.

The style design allows you to create mobile landing pages for any style and direction of activity.

Add several widgets, the widget master will help you: just click on the widget's link in the site menu and select the widget that interests you in the pop-up.

After creating widgets, customize the style of the card. For those who do not like to spend time on content design, 10 stylish templates are available that will favorably show the site’s content.

But for those who want to create their own unique site, the ylink development team has prepared tools for flexible widget design customization. 

3. Statistics and analytics of your site

Click analytics is a useful tool for marketers. The service provides the ability to view click-through analytics of the card, as well as of each block separately.

At the same time, you can connect 2 additional services: Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel.







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