YCLIENTS Referral program

Earn bonuses and pay less for your next YCLIENTS license

With the YCLIENTS referral program, you can reach the best possible conditions with your license costs.

Share the platform with businesses and private professionals in the service industry, and get 10% from all payments of your referrals made within one year as bonuses to pay for your next YCLIENTS license.

Everybody wins: you get the discount, your referrals get the solution to automate their business processes.


How it works

We generate a unique promo code for you to share with those who might be interested in YCLIENTS. The promo code will give new users a 10% discount on the first payment for any license duration. We track the use of your promo code and score bonuses.



View all payments of your referrals and your account status here in the Referral program section. Here, you can also copy your promo code and link to send to those interested in the offer.


Easy Use of Bonuses

Pay for your YCLIENTS license with your bonuses at any time, in whole or in part. The value and the number of licenses are not restricted.

Write to us at support@yclients.com, and we will assist you with the payment.


How to Recommend YCLIENTS and Find New Users

  • Tell your friends about the platform's features and the discount you can provide: in messengers, on social media, at business meetings.
  • Share your referral promo code by email.
  • Publish your promo code on social media.
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