How do I add my location to free resourses to attract clients?

What is it and what is it for?

Moderation of the location allows you to display information about it on free sites to attract customers.

Only already moderated locations have a button for online appointments on Google maps


We do not guarantee the placement of your location; there are some selection criteria. Terms of placement from 1 day to several weeks. 

If your location has not yet been moderated, a notification will appear in the Settings - Information section. If there is no notification, then the location has successfully passed moderation, and information about it will be posted on free resources.


What is needed to pass moderation?

For successful moderation in YCLIENTS fill out the sections with company information and configure the online booking widget. 

Information in the Settings - General :

1. The location name, it will be used internally and will not be displayed externally. 

2. The company name will be used externally indicate it without quotation marks and form of incorporation. Correct - Face&Body care, incorrect "Face&Body care LLC".

3. Business category: no more than 2-3 words, for example, the Center for aesthetic medicine. 

4. The current time according to the time zone. Setting the current time is a very important setting, it affects the time of sending notifications and reminders.

5. Country and the City. This setting affects the placement of company information on directory sites and reflects the structure of locations in the online booking widget. 

6. Your Logo.


Information in the Settings - Information:

1. Address (without )

2. Phone number. 

3. Website or link to your social networks. 


Other settings

1. There should be an online booking widget with your header and logo.

2. There should be photos of employees in the Settings - Employees section.

3. The company should conduct activities: make appointments, set a schedule in the appointment calendar, etc.

How to get location moderation?

If you have successfully completed all the requirements of moderation and are ready to host and attract free clients, just write an email to our specialist at marked Moderation and indicating the location ID. How to find company number (ID) in YCLIENTS

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