Setup employee's notifications

After adding all users and setting access rights, set up the notifications that the employee associated with the user will receive.

Setup and Editing

1. Go to the Settings - Notifications, of the Notification Types tab and enable notification types for admins and employees. 


2. Go to the Settings - Employees on the Settings tab and associate the employee with the user. If there is a disconnect, notifications will not come. 


3. Go to the Settings - Users. Select the User and go to the Notifications tab.

4. From the list, select what types of notifications the employee associated with this user will receive:

  • for admins
  • for employees

If you do not want the user to receive notifications, select the option:

  • disabled

5. Select the notifications types that the employee associated with this user will receive and the channels for sending them (SMS, PUSH, or E-mail). Check the box to let the employee receive notifications:

  • with client data. If you uncheck, the employee will not receive client contact information in SMS and e-mail notifications, but he/she will receive all other booking details: time, service, etc.;
  • about new online bookings;
  • about new bookings made through the booking journal;
  • about deleting online bookings;
  • about reschedule online bookings;
  • about that the license will end soon;
  • about booking actions in the web version;
  • about calls in the web version.

5. Click the Save button.


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