Freezing memberships

Sometimes you need to freeze a membership - i.e. the client is ill or the business cannot provide services for some time.

If while creating membership type you’ve turned on the setting that allows freezing the membership you’ll be able to pause application of this type of memberships.

How to do that?

In the chain go to the Loyalty > Memberships section. Select membership that you would like to freeze. Click the Freeze button.

When you need to activate the membership again you’ll be able to do that in the same section by clicking the Unfreeze button.


— Where to view how long the membership was frozen for?

— In the Loyalty > Memberships section. Select the membership needed. In the membership card you will see the amount of days membership is frozen for.

— How long will the membership be valid for after it was unfrozen?

— After being unfrozen the duration of the freezing period will be added to the total validity period.


— How can I learn who froze the membership and on what date?

— This information will appear in the membership card in the History of freezing of subscription section.

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