Integration with LANCK Telecom

LANCK Telecom provides SMS delivery to 186 countries across the globe. You can reach out to our managers to get more details on SMS delivery terms in a specific country.

After you sign up and login, you can immediately test the SMS functionality by sending a test message to your number right from the Dashboard.

To send SMS through YClients interface, you need to enter API key, that you can find in LANCK Telecom dashboard.


Setting up LANCK Telecom account

1. Go to YCLIENTS page on LANCK Telecom site and click on the green CONTACT US button.


2. Fill out the contact info in the pop-up form and click SENDimage6.png

3. Our managers will contact you during the day and send you a link to the sign-in page as well as sign in credentials (login and password). Sign in into the Dashboard.


4. After the you sign in, you’ll see an API KEY section in the top right corner. This is where your API key is stored. Copy your API Key to the clipboard.


Integration with YCLIENTS

  1. In the Yclients Dashboard go to Settings – Notifications in the left menu bar
  2. Choose Lancktelecom as SMS provider
  3. Paste the API Key (the one you have copied in the LANCK Telecom Dashboard) in the corresponding Authorization key field.
  4. Click Save.



Billing & Payments

  1. Go to Billing and Payments in the left menu in LANCK Telecom Dashboard.
  2. Enter the amount you want to add to your balance
  3. Click Add credits button.


      4. Enter your card credentials in the popup window and click Pay


      5. After that, your balance will be updated.


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