Integration with Dzinga messaging platform

Dzinga is a voice and messaging platform, fully integrated with YCLIENTS.

  • Dzinga delivers SMS messages worldwide.
  • Messages are sent from your unique business name.

Connecting to Dzinga

1. Go to, select a package and register an account.

You can select an SMS package, which includes SMS services only, or an HPBX package, which includes SMS, cloud telephony, and call-back widgets. All services are integrated with YCLIENTS.image1.png

2. After registering, click on Alpha-Names in your Dzinga account and create an alpha-name (your business sender ID).
Wait until our customer support team approve Alpha-name registration. You will be notified about the status of the registration by email. Normally, approval takes from 2 hours to 1 business day.



1. Go to Integrations, click on Dzinga SMS and YCLIENTS integration and copy your unique token.


2. In your YCLIENTS personal account, go to Settings -> Notifications -> SMS-notifications. Fill in the form as follows: 

  • SMS-aggregator – Dzinga
  • Authorisation key – Paste your unique token from Dzinga
  • SMS sender’s name – Type in the alpha-name that you registered in Dzinga.


3. Click Save. 

You are good to go! Enjoy!


Sales: +48 221 002 049
Support: +48 222 043 514

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