Appointments for online classes

YCLIENTS now has the ability to automate online group classes by sending clients instructions and links to webinars.

In order for you to use the functionality, a notification module must be connected to your branch.

How it works

1. Create a group event in the appointment calendar and add clients to it.

After that, open the “Instructions” tab in the side panel of the appointment window:


2. In the window that opens, enter the link to the class and the notification text, save the settings:


The button for appointment is generated automatically based on the link that you entered in this window.

3. Go to the "Notifications" tab, send instructions to the clients:


If necessary, you can send the message again from the same tab:


All sent messages are available in the Overview - Messages section.

Notifications settings

1. To configure the notification type, go to the Settings - Notifications (Notification types) section. 

Select the type "Client notification of appointment confirmation":


2. In the "Settings" window that appears, change the status to "Notifications are enabled", enable sending by email:


Sending event information is currently available only for the email channel.

Save the settings.

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