Printing goods labels

What is it and what is it for?

After you add goods to the warehouse and indicate prices, reference numbers, barcodes in the goods cards, you can customize the type of product labels directly in YCLIENTS, and then print them.

Setup and editing

1. To print goods labels according to the specified parameters, go to the Warehouse - Print goods labels section.

2. Adjust the sizes of the title text (1), goods name (2), and price (3).

3. Specify whether the ref. number (4), barcode (5), and signature (6) will be displayed on the price tag.

4. Specify the page orientation (labels will be placed vertically or horizontally) and label dimensions: height and width.

5. Specify the date of printing the price tag (7), adjust the indentation size (8), enter the title text (1), and the number of copies per item.

6. Click the Select goods button and mark in the list those goods for which you are making price tags.

7. Print the document by clicking the Print button.


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