Goods write-off analysis

What is it and what is it for?

The report on the write-off of goods can be viewed in the Warehouse - write-off analysis.

Data in the report:

  • Goods
  • Reference number
  • Barcode
  • Initial balance (quantity and value)
  • Arrival (quantity and value)
  • Consumption (quantity and cost)
  • Final balance (quantity and value)

You can also view the total quantity and the total cost of the goods being written off.

How you can work with this report?

To create a report, go to the Warehouse - Goods write-off analysis. Filter the list by the required fields and click the Show button.

Fields by which you can filter information:

  • Period
  • Warehouses
  • Goods categories
  • Units of measurement
  • Types of warehouse activities

In the report, you can take into account the movement of goods between warehouses, to do this, check the corresponding box.

You can also customize the display of information in the Goods column. To do this, in the View report item, select how the goods will be displayed: as a list or as a tree of categories.

The data in the Goods column is presented as clickable links. Click on the link in the Goods column to go to the goods card.

If necessary, the report can be exported to Excel.





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