Customer accounts

What is it and what is it for?

Customer accounts allow to create an advance payment, i.e. to replenish a deposit. Clients will be able to use the money deposited during their next visit or to pay for services for their children.

Creation and configuration

1. In the chain interface go to the Customer accounts > Account Types section and click the Add Account Type button. Indicate the name of the Account type, i.e. Deposits. Select locations this account type will be available for and click the Save button.


2. Open an account for your client. To do that you’ll need to open the client's card (either in the Clients > Client database or in the Client section in the Appointment), go to Deposit accounts section, select account type, indicate initial balance and an employee that opens the account. Click the Open new account button.

It’s possible to transfer information about clients’ accounts from other systems using Excel, ask your personal YCLIENTS manager about this option.

3. After these settings information about current account balance will appear and you’ll be able to top it up and view changes log.


4. In the Customer accounts > List of accounts you’ll see a list of all customers for whom an account was ever opened.

5. In the Customer accounts > Account transactions section all actions that were ever made will be shown: opening, topping up and debiting. 

Working with accounts

1. To deposit funds to an account go to the Deposit accounts section in the client’s card and click the Add money button.

2. Enter the amount to add, select an employee (optional) and click the Add money button.

3. Turn on/off the option to print a fiscal receipt.

4. Add money to the customer account by selecting cash or credit card (you’ll be able to select a cash register during payment).


5. To use the account funds to pay for products and services in the Visit go to the Checkout section and select the Customer account option. Select Customer account type and indicate an amount to be debited (you can perform partial payment), click the Payment button. You’ll be able to view the deposits and payments history in the Deposit accounts section in the client’s card.



  • You can work with Customer accounts using YCLIENTS desktop version only.
  • When adding funds to a Customer account a financial operation with a Refill item of payment will be created in the Finance > Financial transactions section.
  • To cancel deposit of funds to an account you’ll need to delete the corresponding financial transaction in the Finance > Financial transactions section.

Printing receipts

1. When a receipt is printed it will have the following information:

  • When adding money to an account - Advance payment.
  • When paying from an account - information about the full payment.

2. The taxation system indicated in the settings will be used by default.

If the business has more than one taxation system then the one set for products will apply (meaning it cannot be used for services that are taxed using a different system).

User rights

For a user to work with accounts in the location you’ll need to give them the following rights:

  • Booking window - Process the payment - Make a payment from the client’s personal account
  • Client Database - Accounts



To cancel deposit operations a user will need the following rights:

  • Finance - View the cash flow - Delete the transaction (Refill type of transaction).


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