YCLIENTS Online booking on Google Maps

Both on Google Maps and in Google search online booking is available to beauty sphere companies.

YCLIENTS became the first partner of the Reserve with Google service in its segment.

  • The booking is performed directly in Google interface without opening additional websites.
  • The bookings are automatically added in YCLIENTS.
  • Only for business in the Beauty, Sport and Automobile business area.


Connecting the integration

1. Go to Online booking > Google Maps (> Integrations and click Connect) section and click Continue

2. Select your organization and click Continue.

  • If another organization appears, check that the name of the company and the address are the same in YCLIENTS and on Google Maps.
  • If you don’t have your organization on Google Maps yet, create it by following the link.

3. Check the information and if it’s correct, click the Continue button. If you found discrepancies, click the Synchronize data button.

4. Check your staff members without the schedule, click the employee to add their schedule in their card. Then Reload the data and click Continue.

5. Check your services and, same as with staff members, add employees providing these services to the schedule. Click the Reload button and Activate the integration.

6. Integration is now connected and in the Online booking > Google Maps (Integrations) section you’ll be able to view statistics for the bookings, average bill for the period and reviews from the company’s profile on Google Maps.

To disconnect the integration, in the top right corner (Online booking > Integration section) click the Disconnect button.


Important: Information updates once every day, that’s why after connecting the integration the online booking button will take some time to appear.


List of countries where Reserve with Google is available.

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