"Visit status" features

1. Change a visit status.

2. Editing the total cost of the service (with or without discounts).

3. Adding services and selling goods.

4. Payment for the visit in two ways:

  • Save and proceed to payment - opens the Payment visit section, where you can select a cash desk for payment and loyalty cards.
  • Save and pay by card and Save and pay in cash - allows you to pay in one click. In this case, the total amount will be credited to the cash desk by default, which you can select in the Finances - Accounts and cash desks section.


1. If necessary, you can fill in the Note field. The data from the note is displayed in the Finance - Financial Transactions section in the Comment column.

 2. When choosing the status of the Client did not come, all information about the visit is hidden and only the Note field remains.


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