"Visit payment" features

The section Visit payment appears after choosing the status of the visit. The Client came and the Client confirmed.

Features of the Visit payment without loyalty:

  1. View the final spreadsheet with the amount for the services and goods sold.
  2. View preliminary customer discounts.
  3. Payment for services and goods through the selected cash desk.
  4. Print out of receipt after payment of the visit.



After printing the receipt, you will not be able to change the information on the visit, which affects the amount of payment:

  • Change of visit status (except for the statuses the Client came and the Client confirmed)
  • Delete visit
  • Date and time of visit (including reschedule appointment with receipt)
  • Client
  • Add or remove services
  • Select from the list (services and goods) button 
  • Add service button
  • Change in the number of services and goods
  • Change in the cost of services and goods
  • Change in discounts on services and goods
  • Removing services and products in the Visit status
  • The Pay button, the amount and cash desk in the Visit payment 
  • Removing of financial transactions in the Visit payment
  • Removing of financial transactions in the Finance - Financial transactions
  • Change in the amount of the financial transaction itself in the section Finance - Financial transactions

Not blocked:

  • Visit duration
  • Employee
  • The status of the visit, the client came and the client confirmed
  • Choosing a warehouse and employee in an additional panel next to the goods in the section Visit status

2. If you have already printed the receipt, but want to unblock the visit to change the information, you need to print the return receipt.


Features of the Visit payment with loyalty:

  1. Accrual of a discount to a client who participates in a loyalty program. You can apply several loyalty cards in turn, in this case, a discount is accrued on the balance.
  2. Payment by certificate. Read more in Payment for goods and services with certificates article. 
  3. Payment by subscription. Read more in Paying for services with season tickets article. 
  4. Printing a sales receipt after paying for the visit.



All types of loyalty programs (card, certificate, subscription, or another type of loyalty) are assigned to the client. If the appointment does not have a phone, that is, a client, then it is impossible to use loyalty, since the phone is the main identifier of the client.

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