"Appointment Details" features

1. Editing client data (name, phone, e-mail).

2. Editing services. To change a service, click on the  ____________.png button next to its name. To add services, click the Add Service or Select from the list. To remove services, click on the _______.png button.

3. Editing comments, colors, appointments categories.

4. Editing all settings: date and time, employee, resources, and duration.

5. Add information in additional fields. Read about additional fields in the article.

6. Actions with payment. Appear when choosing statuses Client came and the Client confirmed.

  • Save and proceed to payment - opens the Payment visit section, where you can select a cash desk for payment.
  • Save and pay by card - allows you to pay in one click. In this case, the total amount will be credited to the cash desk by default, which you can select in the Finances - Accounts and cash desks section.

7. Change a visit status.

After changing the data, be sure to click Save.


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