Appointment calendar settings

Appointment calendar  - a main admin tool, in the calendar, you can see the client's data, visit history, preferences, and statistics. Appointment calendar interface can be configured to do this, go to the Settings - Appointment calendar. 


Choose which schedule will be displayed by default: Staff Schedule (1) or Resource Schedule (2). 

If you selected a schedule by Positions, specify which employees will be displayed by default. If you selected a resource schedule, specify a default resource.


Select which type of appointments will be created by default:

  • Mixed. When creating appointments, two buttons will appear: appointment and event
  • Individual. Upon creation, a visit card will open.
  • Group. Upon creation, a card with the details of the group event will open.

Indicate what value in the visit card will be displayed on the first line: client name, phone number, or service name.

Indicate what interval would be taken into consideration when creating appointments. This setting allows you to group or split appointments of one client during the day. 

When one client visited several services during the day (e.g. manicure and pedicure) you can combine them in one visit and see information about all the appointments once in one card. Interval allows you to set the time during which appointments will be combined into one visit. Also, this feature allows you to set the status at a time and pay immediately for all services.

Specify whether additional options will be displayed when creating an entry. Additional parameters include the date, time, duration of the service, employee, or resource.

Turn on the Client search by loyalty option to display the client search field by card, subscription, or certificate number in individual appointments. 

Turn on the Add additional places in the event option so that when creating a group event it is possible to take several places for one client then set a limit on the number of places. This option allows clients to make a group event for themselves and friends or family members without having to create multiple appointments for each client.



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