Appointment steps settings

After the widgets are added, configure the appointment steps.

What is it and what is it for?

Appointment steps are a sequence of actions that a client will perform when booking online. For example, first, they will need to choose the date and time of the appointment, and then the service and employee.

Here you can configure the booking format (step by step or menu), set default value for some steps (for example, select a specific date for booking), and also configure the display of locations (list or map) in the chain booking form. 


Go to Online booking - Website, select the required online booking form, click on its name or use the Change button. In the new window that opens, go to the booking Steps tab, make the necessary settings, and click the Save button.


1. Select booking format: menu (1) or step-by-step (2).

2. If you have a chain of several locations, configure their display (list or map).

3. Set the sequence of steps. To do this, click the 3________.png  button to the left of the step name and drag the line to the desired location. This sequence is displayed in the online booking widget. 

4. Each step can be configured, for this, click on its name or on the Change button. In the new window that opens, configure, and click the Save button. Available settings:

1. Step name. This step name will be displayed in the title. For example, Select a service, Select an employee, etc. 

2. The default value. Here you can set the specific service, employee, or date on which the online booking will be opened. 

3. Hide the step. In order to hide the step, you must specify the default value.

4. For services: the opening of the first category of services (if you uncheck the box, a full list of services from the first category will be displayed, the remaining categories will be minimized) and Display services (you can choose from the list which services to display: all, female or male). 

5. For date and time: Visit default time (here you can set the duration of the service) and Hide time selection (in order to hide the time selection, you must specify the default session time).


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