Loyalty and online booking access rights

Access to the Loyalty section

Access to the Loyalty section allows you to issue and delete client loyalty cards, manually refill and reduce the balance from loyalty cards, edit the balance and validity of the memberships, and also pay by certificates and subscription without a code in situations not provided for by the loyalty program or erroneous charges/charges. Also, access to this section makes it possible to use the Apply certificate/subscription/loyalty card button in a visit in the Visit Status section if this certificate/subscription/loyalty card is in the customer’s card in the Loyalty section. In this case, there is no need to enter the certificate/subscription code in the payment of the visit. 

Access rights to the Online booking

Access to the Online booking section allows the user to:

  • create a business card created on the Ylink.me platform;
  • get access to the section processing of personal data, a user with these rights will be able to edit the text of the agreement, change the language, and also enable/disable the setting of the display of the agreement on the processing of personal data in online bookings; 
  • Create and configure Chatbot.
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