Appointment card access rights

The appointment card allows you to make, edit, and delete appointments in the appointment calendar, to sell goods and services as part of the appointment. In the Appointment card, you can see client data, history, and statistics of his/her appointments.

Access setup involves the assignment/removal of rights to create, edit, and delete appointments, sell goods and services, view client's data, and the history of his/her visits and contacts.

If you have a chain of branches (or several chains), you can configure the user access to view the client's data in the chain. 

For example, an admin can create appointments, but can not change and delete them, can sell goods and make payments, but does not see goods transactions and data on payment for services for the past days.

To avoid the leak of data, here you can also prohibit access to the client's data (1) and the list with the client's data (2).


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