Employee list management

After filling in the Services section, add and edit information about the company employees. 

What is it and what is it for?

In this section, all information about employees, the services they provide, their schedule, and payroll calculation are indicated and configured. The list of added employees is displayed in the Settings - Employees section. 
An Employee - is any worker of a company who provides services or performs any actions.


Go to Settings - Employees section on the main menu. To add a new employee, click the +Add Employee button. 

In the pop-up window indicate an employee Name, his Title (read more details about setting Titles here), and Specialization (e.g. Makeup Stylist). Check the box if you want to specify user data for binding to an employee (read more details about setting Users here).


You can edit data about employees even after they are created. To do this, use the buttons to the right of the employee line: Edit description and photos, Edit services, Change the schedule, Other settings. Find more information on how to configure and edit employee data, read these articles: Adding a new employee, general employee information, Additional employee information, Employee settings.

Dismiss and Delete

You can dismiss or delete employees. To do this, select an employee, click on his name or on the buttons Change description and photo / Other settings. In the new window that opens, click the Actions button. In the new window that opens, click the Actions button. Select the Dismiss action if you want to remove an employee from the list, but at the same time save all statistics on it. If you want to delete an employee and all data about him, select the Delete action.


After dismissal or deletion, user data that was specified in the employee’s settings are automatically detached.


Employee restore

Deleted and dismissed employees can be restored. 

1. To restore the terminated (!) employees, filter the list by the terminated status and click the Show button. In the list that displayed, select an employee, click on his name, or on the button Edit description and photo. In the Information tab, select the status Working and click the Save button.




2.  To restore deleted employees, filter the list by the Deleted status and click the Show button. In the list that opens, select an employee and click on the button with the Restore arrow in the line with his name.




Employees can be moved around the list, for this, click on the  button 

Employees can be moved around the list, for this, click on the 3________.png button to the left of the employee and drag the lines to the desired location. This order is displayed in the booking journal and widget of the online booking. 


For convenience, you can view the employee selectively. To do this, filter the list by Position or status Deleted/Not deleted, Dismissed/Not dismissed, and click the Show button. 



Employee status Occupied means that the employee does not have free time for booking during the entire time for which the employee has a working day schedule. 

For example, if an employee works from May 15th to May 31st, this is indicated in the schedule in YCLIENTS, and all the time is occupied by customer bookings, then the employee status is displayed Occupied. If you add a schedule, the status will change to Active.

Another Statuses:

  • Active - there is a schedule, free time and is open for online booking 
  • No schedule - for today and future days, there is no schedule
  • Hidden - hidden from the online booking form
  • Deleted - employee deleted
  • Terminated - employee terminated





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