Assigning employees to a service

After setting up the services and filling out the Employees section, assign employees to perform the services.

There are two ways to assign an employee to a service:

1. In the Settings - Employees section. This option is more convenient if a company has a lot of services and a few employees, click on the link to learn more.

2. In the Settings - Services. This option is more convenient if a company has few services and many employees.


To assign employees to service, go to Settings - Services. Open the service category, select the service, and click on the Edit button.


1. In the new window that opens, go to the Employees tab and click the Add employee button.

2. Choose the Specialist, indicate the Service duration, assign a process chart for the service. Read more about the assigning and setup of Process charts here.

3. To unassign an employee from service, click on the Delete button (a red bin).


  • Here you can assign several employees to one service. 
  • The duration of service must be indicated for online booking and appointment calendar. However, after online booking, an administrator can change the duration of the booking directly in the appointment calendar.
  • Correct settings of the service duration allow you to organize the work process and reduce the number of free slots and increase the number of clients.
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