Adding Services


In YCLIENTS, services are organized into categories so they are easier to find for you and your clients when booking online.

To add services to the system, first create the service categories for them.

Create a Service Category

  • Go to Settings in the sidebar menu and then press Services.
  • Press the button Add a category at the top right corner, and fill in the Name and Contains services fields. 
    Leave the Subdivision field unfilled until you start working with the advanced analytics settings later. You can also skip providing a separate name for online booking if you want the primary name to be used.  

Add Services

Services can be added manually one at a time or uploaded in bulk from Excel. 

1. Click on the name of the category.
2. To add services manually, click Add a service in the top right corner and fill in the main fields: Service name and the Price fields. To upload services from an Excel file, click Excel Operations > Download from Excel in the upper right corner and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have multiple locations with the same services rendered, you can add services for the whole Chain.

You can also add a photo and a description to the services that customers will see when booking online, enable or disable online booking for a service, and a lot more.


Now that all services are in the system, link them to employees. 


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