Company description

After setting up your contact information, add a company description.

Why fill out this section?

The description is displayed in the online booking widget. Here, the company describes its advantages, what they do and for whom, what customer problems can be solved. 

According to YCLIENTS statistics, 24% of customers go to this section, so it is important to convey information to them that will help you make a choice. 

How it will be displayed in the online booking widget:



Go to the Settings - Information section on the main menu. In the Description tab, tell about your company. To give a more detailed description, add links, videos, and pictures. 

It is not recommended to use a big variety of styles, colors, and font sizes, this increases eye fatigue and makes information more difficult to perceive.

In the end, be sure to click the Save button. 


After these settings add a company photo

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