Company photo

After the description, add photos of the company.

Why fill out this section?

The photo gallery along with the description is displayed in the online booking widget. Here, companies post photos of the interior, work examples, and other information that helps the client make a choice. 

How it will be displayed in the online booking widget:



Go to the Settings - Information section on the main menu. In the Photo tab, add photos of your company. You can upload multiple images, all of them should be placed on a white or transparent background. Maximum file size: 12 megabytes.  


1. Click the Upload photo button, a pop-up box with a mini editor will open.

2. Click the Upload new image button. Change the image: zoom in, zoom out, turn to the left, turn to the right. Click the Save changes button. 

3. Add the required amount of photos.

4. In the end be sure to click the Save button. 

After these settings add a company details

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