Customize Online booking widget design

After the online booking widgets are added and the appointment steps are configured, change the widget design.


Go to the Online booking - Website, select the required online booking form, click on its name or use the Change button.

In the new window that opens, go to the Design tab, make the required settings, and click the Save button. 

1. Uncheck the menu and the header will not be displayed in the online booking widget.

2. Add the company Logo, Header background, Menu background, and Map pin, they should be placed on a white or transparent background. Maximum file size: 12 megabytes. Click the Upload photo button. Click the Upload New photo button. Edit the photo: you can zoom in/out, and rotate it left/right. Click the Apply Changes button. 


Recommended image sizes:

Logo: 300x97 pixels
Header Background: 488x150 pixels
Menu Background: 750x1000 pixels
Map pin: 100x100 pixels

3. Adjust the color scheme of the online booking widget. Here you can set the main color (1), secondary (2), the color of the buttons (3), and the background color (4). 

4. Set the card filter (sepia) or leave the original image. 










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