Service charts

What is it and what is it for? 

YCLIENTS allows you to automatically write off consumables when providing services. To do this, it is necessary to create service charts and assign them to services. Before setting up service charts, make sure that the goods (Warehouse - Goods) exist. 

Setting up and editing

To get started, go to the Warehouse - Service charts section. Technological maps can be created, edited, and deleted. To add a new service chart, click the Add service chart button (read more about this in this article). 

To edit the service chart, click on its name or the Change button. In the new window that opens, you can edit the necessary information about the service chart: change the name (1) and/or comment (2), change the product (3), warehouse (4) and/or the amount of consumables that will be written off on this card (5 ), add the consumable (6) and/or remove it (7). In the end, be sure to click Save. 

To delete the service chart click the Delete button. 

Assigning service charts to services

In fact, in order to link a service chart with a service, it must be associated with the employee providing this service. This will allow you to track consumables even when different employees use different amounts of consumables to provide the same service.

There are several ways to assign a service plan to a service.

1. Via the Quick control option

Go to Settings - Services and click the Quick Control button. In the table that opens, select the service charts for the relevant services. 

2. In service settings

Go to Settings - Services. Open the required category, select a service and click the Change button.

1. In the new window that opens, go to the Employees tab and click the Add employee button.

2. Select an Employee, specify the Duration of the service, assign a Service chart to the service.

3. In employee settings

Go to Settings - Employees. Select an employee, click on his name, or on the Change services button. In the Services tab, add the categories and services that this employee will provide. 

1. Click the Add category button, when the category appears in the list, click on its name, in the new window that opens, check the services from the list. 

2. Indicate the duration of the service, assign a service chart to the service.

If you need to write off a different amount of consumables than in the service chart, this can be done in the section on writing off consumables in the appointment card. 










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