How to secure your data in YCLIENTS

In this case, when an employee takes a client base with him when moving to another place is not news for many. He can sell it to a future employer or use it for personal purposes.

Information Security Measures at YCLIENTS

1. Create a separate account for each user. YCLIENTS has a logging function that allows you to track the actions of each user.

2. Close access to client phone numbers in the client base. Prohibit unloading in Excel of the company's client base. To do this, uncheck the checkboxes in the user access rights settings. You can do this in the Settings - Users - Access rights section in the Client base section. Detailed instructions in this article.

After these settings, the user will see the characters XX instead of the digits of the phone number.

3. Close the user access to delete or edit the client appointments in the appointment calendar. Detailed instructions in this article.

4. Go under user accounts and check if the settings have taken effect.

More information about setting access rights in this article.

5. In the Overview - Data Operations section, information is displayed about who, when, and what data was requested. Also here you can get the upload file if you have rights to this section (a list of sections for which you can upload, in this article). 

Besides the YCLIENTS settings, the safety of the client base is ensured by law.

Legal aspects of data protection

The client base can be classified as confidential information, which constitutes a commercial secret of the company, and its use for personal purposes without the consent of the owner of this information is prosecuted by law.

For this information to be kept confidential, certain conditions must be performed. 

Signs of commercial confidentiality: 

  • The information should be commercially valuable and should not be well known.
  • Lack of access legally. There may be ways to voluntarily provide access (licensing, franchising, etc.)
  • Measures to protect the confidentiality of information. 

To obtain the status of commercial confidentiality, its owner must follow the established procedures: 

  • To develop a regulation on the protection of commercial confidentiality, in which to list information related to commercial confidentiality.
  • To approve by order and put into effect the regulation on commercial confidentiality.
  • To approve the list of persons who can use this information (for example, admins, and if necessary, then employees).
  • To approve the procedure for using this information.
  • To register in an employment contract or in an additional agreement to it the liability to comply with the provisions on commercial confidentiality and be liable for non-compliance.
  • put wise by signature about all documents of employees 

The nature and amount of information constituting commercial confidentiality are determined by the owner of the information. He/she also ensures the protection of its confidentiality.

What to do if you suspect that the client base has already been stolen?

  1. Contact YCLIENTS with a request to upload server logs. This way you will find out which of the employees stole the base.
  2.  Contact the employee and ask to return or delete the client base.
  3. If the employee denies any guilt, inform that you have evidence of theft and intend to go to court.
  4. Go to court and provide web server logs.
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