Appointment calendar access rights

The appointment calendar is an electronic calendar in which you can work with the schedule and appointments.  

Setting access rights allows you to limit viewing and editing the appointments of individual employees or groups of employees by position.


1. Uncheck to completely block access to the Appointment calendar.

2. Select Employees and/or Positions of employees whose schedule and appointments this user will see. For example, the administrator can see the schedule and appointments of all employees of the company and a specific employee-only his/her schedule.

3. Limit access to the history of changes for schedule and appointments. To do this, select for what period in the past the user will be able to see the appointment calendar.

4. Uncheck to block access to editing the schedule in the appointment calendar. This setting allows you to avoid schedule changes without a head's permission. 

5. Uncheck to block access to the client's phone numbers. This setting avoids the leak of data. 

6. Uncheck the box that the user can not reschedule appointments.

7. Uncheck the box that the user can not see statistics.

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