Online booking analytics

What is it and what is it for?

Analytics from the YCLIENTS online booking form may go to the analytics service in the location's account.

Analytical services help to monitor the number of visitors to a site or service, segment them according to many different criteria, and track user actions. Online booking widgets are tightly integrated with various analytics services, which allows you to get deep analytics by clients. 

You can configure this in the section Online booking - Website in two ways:

  • on the script Injection tab in the online booking form (read more here)
  • on the Analytics tab in the form of an online booking, indicating a unique identifier for the service.

To configure on the Analytics tab, perform the following steps:

1. Register an account in one of the specified analytics services

2. Create a counter

3. Go to the Online booking- Website section. Select the required online booking form, go to the Analytics tab and configure integration with analytics services. 

Integration сonfiguration

Configure integration with Google Analytics, Pixel Facebook

Add a unique identifier for the analytics service (or several services) and click the Save button. The list of events that the widget will send is displayed on the Event description tab for analytics. 

Keep in mind

No web analytics service guarantees 100% accurate data. There may be cases where data from several sources may vary slightly. If you plan to verify the number of conversions from services with data from YCLIENTS, keep in mind that clients can be booked not through one form of booking, but through many different sources and partner sites on which other widgets are installed.

Create goals

Adding a goal is optional, Google Analytics captures and just events, without goals. But goals are possible.

Create a new goal
Navigate to your goals:

Sign in to Google Analytics.
Click Admin, and navigate to the desired view.
In the VIEW column, click Goals.
Click + NEW GOAL or Import from Gallery to create a new goal, or click an existing goal to edit its configuration.

Note: If + NEW GOAL and Import from Gallery are not visible, then you have already created a maximum of 20 goals for the current view.

 List of events that can be used to create goals: 

Name Description
group_record_created Group online booking
booked Individual online booking
widget_loaded Loading widget
city_selected City selected
date_selected Day selected
time_selected Time selected (hours and minutes)
group_personal_data_filled Personal data is filled in the group booking
send_contacts Personal data is filled in an individual booking
open_contacts Contact data form is open
master_seance_selected Selected closest booking from the employee
master_selected Employee selected
master_page_open Open employee information
review_created Review has been submitted
service_selected Service selected
group_sms_code_confirmed Client confirmed in group booking
phone_approved Client confirmed individual booking
activity_type_showed Booking type selection open
individual_booking_selected Individual booking selected on booking type selection page
group_activity_selected Group booking selected on booking type selection page
company_selected Company selected
company_page_open Information about the company opened
lk_open Personal account opened
group_events_infinity_scroll_used Loading a page when scrolling through group bookings
group_events_week_swiped Swipe of the carousel in group activity
group_events_date_clicked In the group event was selected the date in row line of dates
appointment_deleted Delete my booking
appointment_changed Transfer my booking
last_appointment_repeat_pressed Booking repeat selected





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