Warehouse goods' prime cost

The prime cost technique is configured in the warehouse settings. The value of goods costs can be taken from the goods settings or from the last arrival of goods, and you can also calculate the average of the cost of goods in all arrivals. To determine how the prime cost will be considered, go to the Warehouse - Settings section and select the appropriate option from the drop-down list. Click the Save button.

The prime cost value changes automatically when making a new arrival of goods and indicating the price. 


For the delivery price when goods arrive at the warehouse, it is important to understand that if the October's report is old, and now November and the last delivery was in November, then the delivery price will be taken from the last arrival at the end of October. 

For the transaction history in the Warehouse - Warehouse operations are similar. If the goods are sold on the 20th, then their prime cost will be at the last delivery until the 20th. And if the goods are already sold on the 30th, then the cost will be on the delivery price of the 25th, etc. 

Where is the prime cost used?

1. In the Warehouse - Warehouse operations.

2. In the reports in the Warehouse: reports warehouse stock balance and sales analysis

3. When calculating the payroll of an employee.

If an employee has already a payroll scheme that should take into account the cost of consumables, then when calculating payroll in the section Payroll - Payments, the cost of consumables will be displayed. 


By default, consumables can only be written off from a warehouse with the type for write off consumables. 

To set up automatic write off goods, use this article.

To set up payroll accounting with account a consumables use this article.











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