General information

After registration and login, edit general company information. 

Why fill out this section?

General information reflects the structure of locations in the online booking widget, posted on external resources.


Go to the main menu in the Settings - General section.


1. Indicate the location name, it will be used internally and will not be displayed externally. 

2. The Company name will be used externally, indicate it without quotation marks and form of incorporation. Correct - Face&Body care, incorrect - "Face&body care LLC". 

3. Select the appropriate option from the list of Business Areas, for example, Beauty Salons.

4. Indicate Business Category: no more than 2-3 words, for example, the Center for aesthetic medicine. 

5. Set the current time according to the time zone. Setting the current time is a very important setting, it affects the time of sending notifications and reminders. 

6. Choose the Country and the City. This setting affects the placement of company information on directory sites and reflects the structure of locations in the online booking widget. 

7. Choose the Language of notifications. It will be used when sending notifications to customers from the company.

8. Upload Logo: recommended image resolution 500x500 px. 

9. In the end, be sure to click the Save button. 

After these settings, go to the contact details settings.

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