User access rights settings

What is it and what is it for?

The access rights setting was created for the convenience of users, ensuring the security of the company and information, for example, the client data, and also gives the head the ability to control the activities of employees who have access to YCLIENTS. 


1. To ensure information security, provide each employee with individual access, we do not recommend giving shared access for several employees.

2. Be careful when granting rights to upload information and manage users.


Go to Settings - Users. Select the User and go to the access rights tab. 


Here you can configure absolutely all rights, as well as configure access rights for each section. Study the features in more detail, for this, follow the links with the section name (table of contents below) and configured access rights for each user.

Appointment calendar access rights

Appointment card access rights

Finances access rights

Warehouse access rights

Settings access rights

Client database access right

Overview access rights

Loyalty and online booking access rights

Billing and analytics, and also sending SMS access rights

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