Daily financial data

Financial data for the day can be viewed in the Appointment calendar and in the Finance section.

Financial data in the Appointment calendar

Information is shown in real time in a separate menu in the Appointment calendar.

Information on all income into cash registers for a selected day is shown here:

  • how much money (cash and card payments) was deposited into cash registers as payments for products and services (Cash receipts, In cash, and Non-cash items);
  • cost of services with the Client onsite status and products sold, including the discount (Services rendered item);
  • cost of services in appointments with any status, including discounts (Services booked item);
  • what part of the cost was paid for using loyalty cards, bonuses, gift cards and memberships (Loyalty item);
  • cost of products sold including the discount (Products sold item).

You can also sell products using this menu without tying the sale to the visit. Click the Sell Products button and YCLIENTS will open the transaction page in the Inventory - Inventory operations section (you can read about that in more detail here).


Financial information in the Finance section

You can view details on income for the day in the Finance - Daily report section. Read more about this report in this article.

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