Creating and configuring resources

Resources allow an opportunity to create an appointment for a service only if there are free resources to provide it. 

Examples of resources: cabinets, massage tables, technical devices (hair dryers, etc.)

Attaching resources to services helps organize clients appointments in the appointment calendar by resources. Resource data prevents situations when several clients can make an appointment for the same service at the same time, while the required resources are not enough. To take resources into account when created an appointment, you need to add and configure them. 


Go to Settings - Resources. To create a new resource, click the Add Resource button. Specify the Name of the resource and, if necessary, Description. 


To add an instance of a resource, click on its name in the list. In the new window that opens, click the Add Resource button. Enter a name and click Save. To edit a resource, click the Edit button. Resources will be reserved when created an appointment only if they are attached to services.


After the resources are created and configured, attach them to the appropriate services (read more details in How to attach resources to services article). 

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