After filling in the Services and Employees, add and edit information about resources. 

What is it and what is it for?

What difficulties can be? It may be that there are five nail artists in the salon, but only three places equipped for a manicure. Or the admin create appointments for the same service at the same time to different employees, despite that in the salon there are three massage therapists, but there are only two massage rooms. As a result, a dissatisfied client, a spoiled impression of the salon, and, probably, not the most flattering reviews about it. 

To exclude such cases, YCLIENTS makes it possible to use a unique feature - Resources

Resources provide an opportunity to create an appointment for a service only if there are free resources to provide it. 

Examples of resources: cabinets, massage tables, technical devices (hair dryers, etc.)

Attaching resources to services helps organize clients appointments in the appointment calendar by resources. Resource data prevents situations when several clients can make an appointment for the same service at the same time, while the required resources are not enough.

An important feature of Resources is that clients do not see them in the online booking widget and cannot make an appointment for them.

Resources are tied to services and it reserved automatically when you create an appointment. At the same time, when a client independently creates an appointment online for a service to which some resources are attached, by default, one free copy of each resource is reserved.

Resources are also always displayed in the appointment calendar.  An appointment for the same session will appear both in the employee’s schedule and in the resource instance schedule. 


How to work with resources

To take resources into account when created an appointment, you need to add them and configure them (for more details, see the article Creating and configuring resources).

Resources will be reserved when created an appointment only if they are attached to services.

If necessary, you can change and assign resources to the service directly from the appointment card (for more details, see the article Resource selection while you create an appointment ).

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