Passteam virtual cards

This article is useful for clients that have signed up with Passteam service since September 15,
The virtual card is an analog of a plastic card, voucher, or coupon with extended possibilities for
business owners and their customers.
The virtual card format allows customers to keep their usual loyalty cards in digital format on
any modern smartphone.
Simply send them a link from the YCLIENTS interface to issue a card to a customer. To save a
card automatically please tap the link, in the app that is already installed on modern devices:
Apple Wallet for iOS, Google Pay for Android.
Customers show their mobile phone with their virtual card or provide their phone number to
receive a discount.
Digital card application increases the efficiency of the loyalty program:
  • The frequency of purchases grows. The cards display the actual indicators of the loyalty
    program (bonus balance, discount size), which motivates your customers to buy more
  • It helps to minimize the time between visits. Displaying the date of the last visit helps
    clients create an appointment on time and minimize the period between visits.
  • Communication quality improves and saves money on texting. The number of characters
    does not regulate push notifications, the text remains on the card and you can apply

Features of virtual cards.

Cards display not only static information about promotions but also show bonuses in real-time
and discounts that available in the corporate loyalty programs.
  • Information on visits. Information about the next and the previous visit is automatically
    synchronized with the customer's card. The card will display a push notification with
    information about the time of the appointment. Customers can add this notification to the
    planner's calendar after booking an appointment. On the back of the card, the customer
    will see the information regarding the previous visit;
  • Loyalty program key indicators. The card displays all the information you need to boost
    the efficiency of recurring visits, as well as information that will help to decide on
  • Online appointment. On the back of the card, you can display a link for an online
    appointment. This allows customers to make a quick appointment, avoiding the
    competitor’s ads that will appear if you search for a company through the Internet.

How do I work with virtual cards in YCLIENTS?

Virtual cards in YCLIENTS are operated through the Passteam

 Connecting to the provider.

Go to the Passteam website and sign up.

Please, note: Cards are issued automatically to all customers. That is why we recommend
switching off the SMS notifications that are responsible for issuing loyalty cards when you
issue a card for the first time.
To disable notifications:
  1. Log in to your YCLIENTS personal account;
  2. Go to Network (purple menu);
  3. On the side menu, select the “Loyalty” tab;
  4. Go to the “Card Types” tab;
  5. Select the card type you created;
  6. Within the card type, go to the “Notifications” section;
  7. In the “Loyalty Card Notification” field, select the “Do Not Notify” option;
  8. Click “Save”.

To set up integration with YCLIENTS, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Passteam personal account;
  2. Go to the “Integration with CRM” tab;
  3. Select YCLIENTS integration and enter your login and password from your YCLIENT account;
  4. Select your network. If a “Network” has not been created, it must be created;
  5. Select the “Card Type” that will be created for the client. If “Card Type” is not created, it must be created;
  6. Done. The card synchronization process is started.
  7. Please, note: To issue cards to new clients, you will only need to set up an automatic mailing
    or place an online enrollment form.
Please, note: If you signed up with Passteam before September 15, 2020, you can read the card-
issuing instructions and functions in this article.

Service fees

Check the Passteam pricing section for the fees.

Sending push notifications to Passteam cards.

  1. From YCLIENTS, you can send push notifications as a mailing to the application with virtual cards. Go to Customers ‒ Customer database, in the block Actions ‒ Push to virtual cards and select action ‒ Send Push to all selected customers or Send Push to all found customers. Add the text and click the button “Send”.
  2. Under Settings ‒ Notifications ‒ Notification Types, the Push link applies only to the mobile app for customers.
  3. To send Push notifications automatically on a certain event in the virtual card application, follow these steps:
Go to the Push notifications section in your Passteam personal account.
Please read the article
Virtual Google cards do not support the Push notification feature.
You will receive a push notification if the card information is updated.
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