Financial report for the period

What is it and what is it for?

Report for the period sums up data on all items of income and expenditures for a specific period. Report for the last week will be shown automatically, however, you’ll be able to configure a different period manually.

How to work with the report?

To start working with the report go to the Finance - Report for the period section.

Data in the report is grouped by all items of income and expenditures (read about this in more detail here) and are further grouped by date and cash register type (cash or card payment). You’ll see the total sum for each date and the total sum for the whole period in the last column. If you need to, you can download this information into Excel.



The report can be formed using the following filters: payment item (1), supplier (2), cash register (you can select different cash registers and accounts simultaneously) (3) or their type (4). You can select all articles or only articles with the movement of funds (5), as well as categories of services and products or specific services and products (6).

To do that configure the list using filters you need and click the Show button.

You can detail the report for the period by the type of the cash register (cash or card payment) or by the cash register itself.


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