Suppliers and Partners: information and editing

Suppliers and Partners are private persons or legal entities with which your company has financial relationships. YCLIENTS allows you to account for transactions with each supplier and partner.

Configuration and editing

To start working go to the Finance - Suppliers and Partners section. You can add, configure, and delete suppliers and partners (you can read about that in more detail in the Creating and configuring suppliers and partners article). Here you can view a list of suppliers and partners, their name, contacts, company details and current balance for transactions with your supplier or partner. To view the information on a specific supplier or partner enter their name and click the Show button.


You can edit information about suppliers. To do that select the supplier or partner and click the Edit button. In the new window edit the information and click the Save button.

If you need to you can Upload a list of suppliers and partners from Excel (read about that in more detail here) as well as Download it to Excel.

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