Installing an online booking form inside one of the pages of the website

Use this option of setting an online booking if you want the online booking widget to be integrated into the site as an interface element. In this case, the online booking form will immediately be visible on the page, and not in the pop-up when you click on the button. 

This is how it may look like an Online booking in the main menu of the website, which leads to a page with an online booking form. In this case, the booking form will look like part of the site, but the booking is available only on one page. 

How to install

1. In the required place on your site code, add the following code:

<iframe height="545px" width="320px" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" id="ms_booking_iframe" src=""></iframe>

2. In the main menu, go to Online booking - Website, copy the link to the online booking form (a link like is located to the right of the name of the online booking form).

3. Replace the part of the code in bold with the link to the online booking form of your company.



1. If you want to add an online booking form to a tight site block, then use the mobile version.

2. To adjust the width and height of the mobile booking form, change the width and height parameters of the iframe element. The width and height of the full booking form are fixed: 545 * 780 px. 

3. We do not guarantee the correct operation of the widget that is installed on the site using the iframe element. 

We recommend setting up the button for online booking according to our instructions. You can also use the API methods and develop your widget for online booking by posting it on your website. 






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