Goods arrival at the warehouse

In order to register the arrival of goods at the warehouse, go to the Warehouse - Warehouse activities and click the Activities with goods button. In the drop-down list, select the activity type Goods arrival.

In the new window that opens, specify the date and time of the creation of the warehouse activity. Enter and select the contractor (supplier of the goods) and the Warehouse to which the goods will have arrived. Add Goods. There are three ways to add goods:

Sequential addition of each good separately

Click the Add Good button and enter the name or reference number of the goods (read more about setting up the goods catalog here).

Adding goods from the list

Click the Add from list button. Select a category, click on its name, and then the Add button. Select the checkboxes for the goods you want to use on and click the Add button.

Adding several goods at once from Excel

Click the Load from the Excel button. The sequence of actions is described in detail in the article How to add a list of goods using Excel. 

The amount of data loaded in this way differs from the amount indicated in the article (see above). Here you can add the good ID, name, reference number, barcode, delivery price, quantity, discount, and final price. The data Name, Quantity, Delivery Price, and Total Price are required for filling.

After you add goods, data about them will be displayed automatically. The delivery price is equal to the prime cost value specified in the goods card. If the cost price is specified, the price will be displayed automatically, if not, enter it manually. 

Specify the number of goods (units of measurement will also be automatically pulled from the card). If necessary, specify the amount of the Discount (in percent).

The total amount for each good and for the entire delivery will be displayed taking into account the quantity of the good and the specified discount.

If the delivery is paid for immediately, check the Payment checkbox and select the Cash desk from which the funds will be debited. Add a Comment and click the Save button.

The arrival of goods at the warehouse creates two operations at the same time: warehouse and financial. All data on these operations can be viewed in the sections Warehouse - Warehouse activities (1) and Financials - Financial transactions(2). 




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