Editing an employee’s schedule in the appointment calendar

After filling out generaladditional informationsettings, and services, set up an employee schedule. 

There are several ways to assign a schedule to employees:

In this article, we will consider the third option. 

Editing the work schedule in the appointment calendar

1. Go to the appointment calendar and select the desired date. The schedule for the selected day will open;

2. Click on the employee for whom you want to change the schedule;

3. In the menu that opens, select the desired action from the list:

  • add a break
  • cancel workday
  • add workdays
  • delete workdays


Add a break

Select the timespan for the break. Click the Save button. 

To add more than one break, open the action menu, and set another break. 


Cancel workday

Click the Delete button to cancel the employee’s workday. 

After that, the employee will be removed from the schedule for the selected day. 


If the employee has appointments on the selected date and you cannot transfer or cancel them, add again the workday and the appointments will appear in the employee’s schedule. Reschedule or cancel them, and then cancel the workday again. 


Add workdays

In the window that opens, select the required dates, specify the working time, and, if necessary, add breaks. Click the Save button.  


Delete workdays

Clear workdays by clicking on the dates marked with black circles. Click the Save button.



To change the start and end of the employee’s workdays, you need to Delete, and then Add the workdays with a new start and end of the day.

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