How you can work with the appointment calendar

What is it and what is it for?

Appointment Calendar is an electronic calendar where you can work with schedules, appointments, and events. All other modules are associated with clients visit data from a loyalty program to financial and warehouse accounting. 

Online appointments automatically appear in the appointment calendar, and all visit information is in one place. Appointment calendar  - a main admin tool, in the calendar, you can see the client's data, visit history, preferences, and statistics. 

Several people can work with an appointment calendar at the same time, while using different devices, including phones. Changes take effect simultaneously on all devices. 

All this is very important with a large number of clients.

How to work with the appointment calendar

Before starting work, log in to YCLIENTS, perform the initial settings, add services, employees, and resources. 

Configure the appointment calendar interface. For more information, see the Appointment calendar settings.

By default, after logging, you will immediately go to the appointment calendar (if necessary, this setting can be changed in your YCLIENTS account). 

After you set a schedule for employees, data about them will appear in the appointment calendar. It will also be possible to make appointments for those employees who have a schedule. 

 New appointment

To create a new appointment, click on the desired date in the appointment calendar, the schedule for the selected day will open. 

1. Select the employee and the time for which you want to create an appointment for the client. Click on the appointment button, which appears when you click on a free time on the appointment calendar. Specify the type of visit: appointment or event.  

  • The Event button creates a group visit; read more details in the Event settings article.
  • The Appointment button creates an individual visit. Read more details in the Appointment settings article.

The header of the visit created by the admin will be green (or another employee with access to create visits in the appointment calendar). 

2. The header of the online appointment created by the client will be highlighted in purple.


 Appointment calendar features

The appointment calendar interface is an electronic calendar that provides various features: work with visits, setting up employee schedules, selling goods, viewing clients cards, etc. 

By default, the appointment calendar displays the schedule of employees for all positions in Day mode. 

1. Editing employee schedule

Here you can add a break or cancel the employee’s workday, as well as remove or add workdays without going to the employee’s settings. Read more details in Editing an employee’s schedule in the appointment calendar article. 


2. Income details

This menu provides information on all receipts at the cash desk for the selected day:

  • how much money (cash payment or card payment) was received at the cash desk as payment for goods and services (total amount, cash payment, card payment)
  • cost of services in appointments with Client came status and goods sold, taking into account the discount (Completed for the amount); 
  • the cost of services in the appointments with any status, taking into account the discount (Appointments for the amount); 
  • what part was paid by loyalty cards, bonuses, certificates and subscriptions (Loyalty for the amount)
  • cost of goods sold, taking into account the discount (Goods for the amount).

Also, using this menu, you can sell goods without tying it to the appointment. Click the Sell Goods button and YCLIENTS will redirect you to the transaction page to Warehouse - Warehouse operations (read more about it here). 


3. Schedule in Week mode

In Week mode, you can view the schedule for the whole week only for one selected employee or resource. 


4. Schedule in Day mode

In Day mode, you can view the schedule of employees for all positions or for anyone, and also for all resources or separately. 


Visit status

Visit - all customer appointments for the day. Statuses directly affect statistics, so they must be indicated. YCLIENTS provides 4 types of statuses: 

  • Waiting for the client
  • Client came
  • Client did not come
  • Client confirmed

To indicate the status of the client’s visit (came, did not come, confirmed) additional information about the visit (employee is important, employee is not important) or type of booking (online, through an appointment calendar) in the calendar, the following colors and designations are used:

Appointment header

__6.png Waiting for the client

__7.png Client came

__8.png Client did not come

__9.png Client confirmed

__10.png The visit is not fully paid, or the amount of payment exceeds the total amount in the receipt

Additional marks in the header

__11.png Employee is important

__12.png The employee is not important

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