Sale of goods through a warehouse activity

There are several ways to sell goods to a client:

  1. In the Appointment card in the Visit Status section (for more information about this option, see the article).
  2. Using the Sell goods button in the Appointment calendar without linking the sale to the appointment (for more information about this option, see the article).
  3. In the section Warehouse - Warehouse activities, in this article we will look at this option.

Creating a warehouse activity

The sale of goods is not always associated with the provision of services to clients, and therefore in some cases, it is not necessary to sell the goods through the appointment calendar.

In order to provide the sale of goods through a warehouse activity, go to the Warehouse - Warehouse activities section and press the button Activities with goods. In the drop-down list, select the Sell goods. 

In the window that opens, specify the date and time of the creation of the warehouse activity. Enter and select the name or phone number of the Client to whom the goods were sold (this field is optional). Select the Employee who sold the goods and the Warehouse (the warehouse must be of the type For selling goods). Add goods. There are two ways to add goods:

Sequential addition of each good separately

Enter the name or reference number of the goods, select the desired option from the drop-down list. To add other goods, click the Add goods button. To remove a good from the list, click on the basket icon (read more about setting up the good catalog here).

Adding goods from the list

Click the Add from list button. Select a category, click on its name, and then the Add button. Select the checkboxes for the goods you want to use on and click the Add button.

After you add goods, data about them will be displayed automatically. The delivery price is equal to the prime cost value specified in the goods card. If the cost price is specified, the price will be displayed automatically, if not, enter it manually. 

Specify the number of goods (units of measurement will also be automatically pulled from the card). If necessary, specify the amount of the Discount (in percent).

The total amount for each good and for the entire delivery will be displayed taking into account the quantity of the good and the specified discount.

To save the warehouse activity, click on the "Save and create warehouse activity" button. In this case, the sale of the goods will be created without payment.

Payment for goods

If you want to pay for the warehouse activity before saving, click on the "Save and proceed to payment" button. You can pay by cash, credit card, or loyalty.

1. Payment by cash/credit card

In the payment menu, you can print a receipt, pay for the sale in one payment using the "Quick payment" block, or select a mixed payment in the "Separate payment" block. 

To pay in one payment, just click on the "Pay in cash" or "Pay by card" button in the "Quick payment" section. If you want to change the cash desk to which the payment will be received, click on the arrow next to the selected payment method:

For mixed payment, go to the "Separate payment" tab.

In the window that opens, select the amounts and payment methods.

2. Payment by loyalty

After choosing payment (the Save and proceed to the payment button), the Quick payment block will display the loyalty available to this client to pay for the selected goods. To write off the maximum possible amount from the balance, just click on the desired type of loyalty.

If there are Cashback promotions in your chain, the action of which applies to the sold goods, the accumulation will occur automatically, you do not need to use the card.

To write off only a part of the amount, click on the Separate payment button next to the name of the selected type of loyalty.

If the type of certificate you need is not assigned to the client and is not displayed in the block, you can find it using the Search by code and other payment methods block located just below:

Enter the code of the required certificate in the corresponding field. If a certificate with this code exists, it will appear in the search results.

Selling goods through a warehouse creates two operations at the same time: warehouse and financial. All data on these operations can be viewed in the sections Warehouse - Warehouse activities (1) and Financials - Financial operations (2).




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