Chain client cards

In the chain interface in the Clients section you will see a list of clients that visited all chain locations. If you click the name of the client you will open this client’s card that includes information about the client. Information is divided into 4 sections:

Customer card

In this section you will find general information about the client: their name, phone number, gender, date of birth, category, class of importance, discount, and amount spent on services.

Information will be shown for each attended location.


Additional fields of client

In this section you will see client’s additional fields and their information.

You can find detailed information on how to work with additional fields by following the link.


History of visits

In this section all client’s visits will be shown, all employees he booked with, services provided, products purchased, discounts and amounts paid, comments for visits as well as all locations this client visited.


Sent messages

In this section a list of messages sent to the customer via all channels will be shown. Here you will also see their type, status and delivery time, message contents and channel.



This section allows you to view your customer's current status in the loyalty program and issue a card to said customer or delete it.

Here you will see all gift cards and memberships as well as loyalty cards that were issued to the client and information on them:

  • amounts paid;
  • number of visits;
  • amount of discounts;
  • bonuses accrued;
  • promotions assigned to this card;
  • history of transactions for this card: date, promotion, amounts paid or bonuses accrued;
  • cancellation of bonuses: amount of bonuses and their expiration date;
  • accrual/writing off of bonuses (manual).

You can find detailed information on all Loyalty section functions (discount and bonus cards, gift cards and memberships) in the following articles by clicking the link.


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