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To get access to the Settings - Notifications, you need to connect the Notification module. You can add the module to the current license in the Billing section. 

What is it and what is it for?

YCLIENTS give the opportunity to notify and inform new and regular clients of the services and discounts provided, notify about an appointment via the Internet, remind you about an upcoming appointment, request feedback after the visit, and also inform employees at any time about a client’s appointment, rescheduling or cancellation.  You can learn more about the types of notifications in the Types of notifications and setting up their templates article. 

Setting up an SMS notifications

Go to the main menu Settings - Notifications on the SMS notifications tab. Set the basic notification settings: 

1. Setting up an SMS aggregator. You can connect to one of the SMS aggregators, send messages through it directly, and pay for SMS texts based on communications service providers prices. 

Features of connecting to each provider are described in detail in this article.

Select the SMS aggregator to which you want to be connected from the list. After that, in the field that opens, enter the authorization key ( how to get the key, read here).

2. SMS Name sender. Here you can specify the own sender’s name, from which messages will be sent. You can discuss the sender name with each communications service provider individually. 

3. Click the Save button.

Setting up an Email notifications

Go to the main menu Settings - Notifications on the Email notifications tab. Set the basic notification settings: 

1. Email for replies. This email will receive replies from clients who have received email notifications.

2. Appearance. Here you can change:

  • Background color
  • Header color
  • Color of elements

You can choose a color according to its appearance, or you can specify a color code in the format of three pairs of hex digits (# 00ff00) 

3. Click the Save button.

Types of notifications

Go to the main menu Settings - Notifications on the Notification types tab. Here you can set and enable/disable sending messages that are sent when some event occurs. More details in this article. 


It is not recommended to add emoji or smiley to notification templates, as the text of the message at the recipient may not be displayed correctly.












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