Consumables analysis

What is it and what is it for?

A report on how the goods were consumed can be viewed in the Warehouse - Analysis of consumables.

Data in the report:

Reference number
Category / Goods
Actual quantity
Actual prime cost
Estimated quantity
Estimated prime cost
Discrepancy in quantity
Cost discrepancy

Estimated costs and the number of consumables are formed based on the number of services provided for the selected period with tied service charts.

Actual costs and quantities of consumables are based only on warehouse activities with those consumables.


During the period, two services were provided Haircut. A service chart is assigned to the Haircut service, according to which 10 ml of shampoo should be written off. The estimated amount will be 20 ml.

If, in one of the two appointments, not 10 ml, but 15 ml was used, and this amount was indicated manually in the Write-off of consumables in the Appointment card, the actual amount will be 25 ml (10 ml + 15 ml) and will differ from the calculated one. 

How you can work with this report?

To create a report, go to the Warehouse - Consumables analysis. Filter the list by the required fields and click the Show button.

Fields by which you can filter information:

  • Period
  • Goods categories
  • Suppliers (contractors)

The data in the Category / Goods column is presented as clickable links. Click on the link with the category name to go to the list of goods categories in the Warehouse - Goods section. Click on the link with the name of the good to go to the good card.

If necessary, the report can be exported to Excel.


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