Financial P&L report

What is it and what is it for?

P&L report is a report on profits and losses that has information on all items of income and expenses for the year collected for each month. It allows you to view profits and losses in a progressive fashion. P&L report sums up the same data that the report for the period (read about it in more detail in the article) but it has more opportunities and filters.

How to work with the report?

To start working with the report go to the Finance - P&L report section.


Data in the report is grouped by months and is presented as clickable links. If you click on a link YCLIENTS will automatically show you a list of all operations for the item and period specified.


If you click on the data for expenses on printed materials in march of 2018 a new window will open with details on operations for the period for that item (view the screenshot below).

Expenses on payroll can be detailed by positions or staff members. The sums shown are the sums before taxes.

If you need to, you can download information into Excel. 



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